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Do we need counseling?

Marriage counseling, couples counseling, relationship counseling, no matter the label you place on your relationship, the truth is navigating relationships is difficult. The most common goal for couples entering counseling is to improve communication. Often couples can identify the communication breakdown and yet interrupting the patterns seems an impossible task. Couples counseling can help both partners receive an equal voice in creating new communication patterns that increase relationship satisfaction. It is easy to see the changes our partner needs to make yet much more difficult to identify the changes we need to make in our relationship. Couples counseling can help both partners understand each other more comprehensively. Helping couples identify common issues such as the simultaneous emotional triggering of each other is the first step towards creating more satisfying patterns.

Relationship Trauma

Some couples seek out couples therapy due to a major conflict such as affair or as a last result before divorce. Therapy offers partners a container to unload and express anger, grief, guilt, heart ache, and shame. A couples counselor can work with couples to do this in a healthy manner. The goal would be to express emotions & deescalate tension while resolving the conflict in the relationship.

The decision to stay together and work at repairing the relationship or end the relationship is a deeply personal decision that can only be made by the couple.  Therapy offers a place where partners can explore this decision and manage conflict in a safe environment. Often times, partners are unable to express feelings during conflict in a healthy manner. The counseling office allows both partners a chance to communicate speak from their heart. Fortunately research is clear that those relationships that are able to withstand an affair become stronger and more satisfying.

Why Hearts & Hands?

Hearts & Hands Counseling wants to increase access for couple's counseling. Typically insurance won't cover couple's counseling and this increases the price for this service. Individual sessions with a typical marriage counselor can cost anywhere between $120-250 per session. This is a luxury many couples can't afford. Hearts & Hands was founded to provide affordable counseling, including affordable couple's counseling.

At Hearts & Hands couple's counseling cost anywhere between $25-85 per session. Price is determined by income & ability to pay. No couple should miss an opportunity to increase relationship satisfaction because of inability to pay hundreds of dollars per session. Conveniently located in Roseville, Hearts & Hands is about 20 minutes from Sacramento. Call 916-676-3548 to schedule a couple's session today.