Play Therapy

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Play: The language of children

What is play therapy? Play therapy is a research based therapy aimed at treating children 3-12 struggling with abuse, divorce, grief, trauma, and other difficult emotional issues. The cognitive ability of children greatly out weighs their vocabulary. This means children cannot communicate complex emotional or social problems. Adults can watch a child and notice something is wrong because of a child’s behavior but that child typically cannot put into words exactly what is troubling them.

Even while children are developing their vocabulary, they already have the ability to explore and process emotions and problems through play. Play is a tool for therapists to build rapport and assess developmental stages and identify themes that may need to be explored in therapy.  Upsetting events are enacted through play, allowing the child to work through thoughts and feeling.  Play can be used to help children develop more adaptive behaviors and learn problem solving skills.  

Hearts & Hands offers families a safe and affordable center for working families to access play therapy. At other clinics sessions can start at $120 per session if you can find a therapist who is accepting new clients. At Hearts & Hands families can schedule convenient appointments with prices starting as low as $25 per session. Open 7 days a week, Hearts & Hands can fit even the busiest schedules. Call (916) 676-3548 to schedule an appointment or speak with a counselor now.