Hearts & Hands Counseling


What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the delivery of health care services, counseling in our case, using information and communication technologies to consult, diagnose, treat or educate a client while the client is at a different physical location than the counselor.

Counselors in the state of California are allowed by law to provide counseling services to clients who reside in the state of California only.

Hearts and Hands Counseling is able to provide secure, encrypted video-based counseling services through Theranest, an online platform designed specifically for the provision of therapy. This platform is HIPPA compliant. This allows you to have counseling sessions with our counselors from the privacy of your home or other secure location. There is no software to download - your counselor will send you an invitation to your session which will contain a link to your private session.

Why Telehealth?

Imagine being able to schedule a counseling appointment and not having to factor in travel time and traffic.

Imagine being able to engage in a meaningful counseling relationship without your anxiety or depression interfering with your ability to make it to our office.

Imagine the convenience of being able to engage in counseling directly from your home or other secure location. Is your baby sleeping? No problem! Is transportation a problem? No problem! Is our office too far away? No problem!

We currently have counselors available for Telehealth appointments with you. Please call or text 916-676-3548 to speak with us about this convenient option for your counseling needs.